Antonio is not an ordinary magician : he is a mentalist. Antonio can do incredible things by using a subtle cocktail made of cleverness, suggestion, observation and logic. (Le Big Livre de l'Incroyable)
Antonio is the most wanted and booked french magician.
Today, he participates in the broadcast "C vous" every Friday evening on the France 5 TV channel.
The spectator - amazed - will only be able to enjoy with observing his tricks, his address, without understanding anything there. (Le PARISIEN - Famous French Daily Newspaper)
It is amazing ! This magician is very nice and funny. Besides of that, the spectators are very often part of the show, participating to some of the tricks. One day, I wish to be like him ! (Le PARISIEN - French Daily Newspaper)
A surprising show, presented with style and dexterity, entertaining the audience. A real cocktail of magic and humor! And the guy is not awkward at all !